5 Human Jobs That Have Been Taken Over by Robots

Advanced computing has made it possible to share a great deal of monotonous and arduous work with robots. Robots come equipped with intelligent techs like machine learning and unique coding which have made it possible to leverage some tough jobs on them. The satellite revolving around earth’s orbit is also a de-facto robot, the smartphones, highway tax collectors, ticket vending machines, and many more automatons- looks like we are being surrounded by more and more robots per day. Below, we have mentioned some jobs from yesteryear which have already been occupied by automatons.

5 Human Jobs That Have Been Taken Over by Robots
Source : 5 Human Jobs That Have Been Taken Over by Robots

1. Switchboard operator

In olden times, switchboard operators would manually insert phone plugs into the relevant jacks to receive or direct calls. And you’d be surprised to know that supervisors used roller skates for mobility while keeping up with the switchboard operating staff in the largest telephone exchanges.

Now, the systems have been completely computerized and automatic commands direct or receive phone calls over the telephone.

2. Bowling alley pinsetter

In earlier times bowling enthusiasts would find human pinsetters who would be waiting at the end to pick up all the blown pins and put them in place. Imagine what would have happened if the players weren’t paying attention and hit one of the pinsetters, ouch! The human pinsetters have now been replaced by automatic arms that pick-up and place the fallen pins back in order. We even have computers which keep up with the tally of scores and displays them on a screen.

3. Lift Operator

The first lifts that came did not have the automated buttons for reaching a floor or opening/closing a door. Now, they even have automated fire or panic sensors. Manual control in lifts included large levers which would be operated by a lift operator who would also judge when to stop the lever to perfectly arrive at the correct floor or open/lock the doors. Modern lifts come equipped with automatic technology which has diminished human role in their operation.

4. Film Projectionist

It was a human who would load the film reels and mechanically run the 35mm celluloid rolls in a cinema when the first ones came. It was quite a physical task that required precision and focus on keeping the film running for the audience. Now technology has advanced, and we have turned to digital projectors which have almost pushed film projectionists on the brink of extinction.

5. Knocker-upper

Before digital alarm clocks that have the automatic feature of snooze and repeat, we had knocker-upper alarms up until the 1920s which would use a long-handle to hit the window until you woke up.

Further to this, we can see the application of automatons in ticket vending machines at railway stations, automated Bridge toll collection, and manufacturing robots, besides many others.

Billy Mark is a self-professed security expert; he has been making the people aware of the security threats. His passion is to write about Cybersecurity, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. He writes for Mcafee products at mcafee.com/activate

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