6 Best Productivity Apps for Thinkers

Do not let the stream of your thoughts go into the puddle. With a smartphone based application users can now transform the power of their thoughts into the productive real-life matter, be it a futuristic tech journal or the unending datasets of business-related subjects, users get the options of managing their work according to their preferences.

6 Best Productivity Apps for Thinkers
Source : 6 Best Productivity Apps for Thinkers
  • MindNode 5 for Mac and iOS

MindNode helps you express the creative information passing through your neurons into interactive visual diagrams. Its user-friendly interface features a beautiful design, extreme sync and plethora of export-import options. A beginner’s favorite mind-storming app as it may turn out to be.

Apple devices which work on Mac and iOS versions have easy sync capability, and you can even use it on iPad in its all round compatibility. Moreover, users have the option to fiddle with some features in the Apple Watch.

  • Notability

Notability enables to scribble the mind maps on Apple’s UI, especially iPad’s great touchpad. Its interface provides a real-life artistic look which tries to portray stationery aesthetics to the writing exercise. Example, paper color choices, Apple Pencil designed doodles, and various line/grid options.

Moreover, users can adjust the size/width of the stroke, can add photos, gifs, custom shapes and even capture audio recordings.

  • Ulysses

Bloggers, journalists, and authors want a top-notch experience of all the power writing tools at one place, without any distractions and Ulysses seems to be the app that quenches all their brain-storming needs. It is a popular mind-mapping tool that provides all the productivity tools in one place.

  • Bear

Bear is a powerful tool that integrates lots of plug-in and allows a smooth working experience. Users can take advantage of its easy note-making interface and unique text-editor.

It incorporates Markdown syntax which provides a real-time rich preview and Polar, which is a Markdown spinoff and possesses some unique features. Bear also has the option to be tied to other apps in the Apple device like the Things-to-do app.

  • Productive

Productive tracks a user’s small consistent writing actions and solidifies the user’s confidence. The tracked habits are marked in a large green dot which is chained to a green line, and it keeps the user motivated as it grows when the particular habit keeps on going.  It amplifies the secret of consistency while delivering productive outcomes.

  • Apple’s Voice Memos

Apple’s Voice Memos give a hands-free experience to keep track of daily activities or to-dos. Users can record a memo in the app about all the mix-ups present in mind at the end of the day or in the middle of something to reckon it later in a better manner.

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