Travelers will love these 5 Google Maps Tricks

Peace of Mind while going out on excursions is the one thing that every person would be wanting. Google Maps is packed with many features like navigation, detailed information on places and other add-ons which are updated and tweaked for a better experience from time to time.

The menu and settings in Google Maps keep many add-on features hidden and one won’t be able to find them unless a strenuous effort is made.

Travelers will love these 5 Google Maps Tricks
Source : Travelers will love these 5 Google Maps Tricks

We’ll make available 5 tricks to you which we have unearthed from the Google Maps app and website. These secrets will come a long way in providing the peace of mind that a traveler seeks during trips and treks.

1. Download maps for offline mode

Google has enabled the feature of letting users download maps to the app beforehand, which can be used while traveling in a no-network area or where roaming data is too expensive.

To download a map, look for the address in the app and then scroll up from the bottom to get more details, from there you can select the download button. Zoom in the map for the specific area you want to be downloaded, the downloaded maps will appear under the ‘offline maps’ option.

2. Make Custom Maps

The Google Maps option where it allows users to create custom maps comes a long way in creating an interactive itinerary for oneself. Custom maps are easy to use and can be shared with anyone else per requirement.

3. Add multiple stops to your travel

The ‘Add Stop’ option under the menu icon lets you add many stops to your destination. Google maps customize the route for best navigation and congestion free commute or ride.

4. Lite mode

Lite mode can be accessed if your network is not up to the mark or you just want to avoid some far-fetched feature of the full version. A user can switch to the ‘lite mode’ by clicking the lightning bolt icon near the bottom of the screen on the app or website.

5. Speed Up Searches

Google Chrome can be enabled to speed search any of your destination from Google Maps.  All you have to do is access the ‘Search Engines’ option under the ‘Settings’ window on the top right of the Chrome window.

In the ‘Other Search Engines’ option, you’ll come across three boxes that allows you to add a new search engine.

  • Type Google Maps into the first box
  • Type the shortcut you want to use. For example- GM
  • Finally paste into the last box.
  • In the address bar of chrome if you’ll type the address after your shortcut connotation. e.g., GM 44 Park Avenue, you’ll see the search engine will redirect you promptly to the address.

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