5 Best Lite Apps for Saving Storage Space

Many Smartphone users face storage issues in their devices. They have no other option than deleting their favorite images, videos, songs or uninstalling apps. If it is the same case with you, the best solution for you is to try Lite apps. These apps save storage space, doesn’t slow down your smartphone as well as consume your internet. You can easily find the Lite version of most popular apps such as Facebook, Gmail, Google Chrome and more.

Let’s have a look at the best Lite Apps:

1. Facebook Lite

Facebook is one of the most used apps in Smartphones. It takes a lot of space in your device and consumes your regular data. Though, you can do both – stay updated with your Facebook profile and save space in your phone – with the use of Facebook Lite version. This app version is excellent for low-end Smartphones and almost the same as the original Facebook version. So, get Facebook lite in your phone today and stop getting storage related notifications in your phone.

2. Opera Mini

If the browser app is the one that is bringing the problem to you, consider the Opera Mini browser. It is a lighter Opera browser version, which helps reduce storage space as well as phone data. There are plenty of exciting features inside this light browser that allows you to customize them in an ideal way.

3. Twitter Lite

Twitter is also one of the most excellent social media platforms. People around the globe use its smartphone app. However, it can be a problem for the ones low on storage space to use the original Twitter app. If you have storage issues, but you love using Twitter, you can go with Twitter Lite version of the app. This version is less in size and allows you to use all the features of Twitter properly.

4. Skype Lite

Skype is widely used for business meetings and connecting with dear ones. The Skype original version consumes a lot of data and might slow down your low-end Smartphone device. Hence, it is better to use the Skype Lite version for voice and video calls. The Lite version only takes 13 MB space in your device.

5. Shazam Lite

If you are a music lover, you don’t need any introduction to the Shazam app. It helps you identify songs and fulfills your music demands. The Lite version of this app doesn’t feature recommendation, popup, and integration to save your phone’s space and consume fewer data. Its size is only 1MB, which is very low. The users can discover music even without a proper internet connection with the Lite version of Shazam.


A lot of Smartphone users faces the storage issue. The lite version of favorite apps is the best solution in that case. This blog provides you the best lite apps to use in your Smartphone devices.

source:- 5 Best Lite Apps for Saving Storage Space

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