5 Best Offline Sudoku Games in 2019

Games that require an internet connection are frustrating at times. It is better to go with offline games to enjoy your game perfectly. If you are fond of Sudoku, you can find various offline Sudoku games to play on all of your devices. Enjoy your Sudoku game anywhere you want. The best offline Sudoku games are given below.

Here is the list of best offline Sudoku apps:

1. Andoku Sudoku 2

Andoku Sudoku 2 is specially made for Android users. It comes with around 10,000 puzzles and features six sudoku variations along with eight difficulty levels. You don’t have to save your steps from time to time as it has autosave features. When it comes to input modes, this android game offers several input modes. It is free for Android users.

2. Puzzazz Crossword & Puzzle

If you use iPhone or iPad and looking for an ideal Sudoku app, the Puzzazz Crossword & Puzzle is the perfect solution for you. You can enjoy cryptograms challenge, crosswords, and puzzles inside this app. The puzzles are handcrafted to provide you the best Sudoku game experience. Over six members in a family can use the Puzzaz. Get this free Sudoku game in your iOS device. 

3. Sudoku Quest

The Sudoku Quest is one of the most addictive games with up to 10,000 free puzzles. This offline sudoku app offers 660 levels and gets tougher with each level. You will find an exciting storyline with each passing level in the game as well. Around 11 different Sudoku puzzles variations are there in this game. The harder levels can stop you from using this free game available for both iOS and Android users.  

4. Sudoku Pro

With five game modes, various difficulty levels, and more, the Sudoku Pro is the best offline Sudoku app for Windows 10. It provides hints from step after step, has draft mode as well as validation. You get the option to customize the themes and background also. The best thing about this Windows 10 app is that it has an unlimited redo and undo options. Also, it is 100% free for Windows 10 users.

5. Microsoft Sudoku

Being offered by tech-giant, Microsoft, this Sudoku can be played offline on Windows as well as Xbox Live. The players get five different difficulty levels and daily challenges. Its exciting look and feel and features will make you fall in love with this classic logic puzzle game. It is not a matter of concern whether you are a beginner or proficient with Sudoku to play this game. To play this game accordingly, you can select the desired input option from keyboard, mouse, stylus or even touchscreen.

Play across all your devices by downloading these offline Sudoku games!


Sudoku games keep the mind fresh and improve our focus. There are dedicated Sudoku apps for all the devices. This blog provides you the information related to the free offline Sudoku games for Android, iOS, and Windows devices. 

Source:- 5 Best Offline Sudoku Games in 2019

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