PlayStation 5: New Console Loads Spider-Man Title 15 Times Faster

To a surprise, Sony recently announced some initial information associated with the upcoming new PlayStation 5 hardware and the latest specs would definitely excite all the gaming enthusiast.

PlayStation 5: New Console Loads Spider-Man Title 15 Times Faster

Upcoming next-gen PlayStation 5 would be tremendously powerful in operating large game files, and even it will be capable of portraying massive open world titles within a fraction of a second.

An official at Sony, Mark Cerny explained that the new PlayStation 5 would utilize some very advanced tech and hardware devices which will tremendously improve on the speed of booting different game files on the console. He further claims that the new PlayStation 5 would allow its users to access 15 times faster-loading speed in comparison to the previous PlayStations.

To further proof the said claims, Cerny launched the previous year’s Spider-Man title on the PS4 and PS5 consoles. The Spider-Man title took about 15 seconds to ultimately launch the game and become accessible for players to play the game, but on the other hand, the PS5 only took about a second to ultimately launch the games open world environment.

The secret behind the supercharged processing speed is the usage of Solid State internal drive by replacing the traditional Hard Disc Drive. The change in the type of internal storage disk has provided the boasted data transfer in the new PS5 consoles which would allow gamers to load large game files within few seconds.

In addition to the tremendously boasted loading time, the new PS5 would also provide its users with ultra high-end graphics which could support 4k titles in 60 fps. The improved graphics with much more productive audio quality enhances the appeal of the new gaming console.

New PlayStation 5 also supports VR games and players will be able to play exclusive VR titles with much more better AI and the unique ray tracing technology makes this console much more flexible to use. It is not clear that this new console will feature its own designated VR headset, but currently, the previous VR tool kit is compatible with the new device and players can use them to access new VR titles.

Currently, it is also confirmed that the new PS5 would also be backward compatible which would undoubtedly be a sigh of relief as PS4 players can play all their purchased titles on PlayStation 5. But unfortunately, the PS5 backward support only includes the PS4 series and is unavailable beyond that.

Overall reviewing to the currently available details regarding the Sony PS5 suggests that this gaming console would surely be a tremendous leap forward in terms of gaming technology and some real power is going to be bestowed upon the gaming hardware in the coming future.

Source:- PlayStation 5: New Console Loads Spider-Man Title 15 Times Faster

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