How to Get Started with Alexa Smart Home Groups

Alexa smart home groups allow you to use the smart home kit in the best way possible. You don’t have to remember each command that you have given. The improved Alexa’s smart home groups will take care of you correctly.

It has been a while since Groups was available by Amazon. But it is a lot more improved now. You can even check now where your smart home devices are located and manage them efficiently through  Alexa after you group your Echo devices ideally.

Groups by Amazon is destined to make your home more smart and organized. Though, it is only best for you if you own multiple Echo devices. Even you can’t place all third-party devices in the group, just a few selected ones.

Here’s how you can set up and use groups:

Creating a smart home group

Launch the Alexa app and go to the Devices section available at the right side of the bottom part. You will see the list of all your devices as well as groups if you have any. To access a new group, hit the Plus icon and choose the Add group option. Now, you can select a dedicated name and tap on Next to move further. Select the devices that you want to add from the available list and select the Save option once you are done. You can even edit the group later on.

Use the app to control devices

Once you get back to the Devices page, you will see the recently created group. Tap on the same group and tap the edit option for making changes. Check the All On and All off option available at the top of the group’s page. If you desire to turn your device on or off, you can do it from here. However, this feature will work for devices with on-off capabilities only. The devices include smart lights, smart plugs, and related ones.

Use voice to control your devices

You can use various commands such as “Alexa, turn on the lights.”, “Alexa, turn off the lights.”, “Alexa set the temperature to 10 degrees.” and more to control Echo devices in a group perfectly. You don’t need to remember group names or device names by using voice commands. For controlling other devices in the same group, you can give the command with the name of the device.

Make changes to the device groups

To edit the created smart home group, open the Alexa app and go to Groups and select the created group. You can make several changes inside the group. Like, you can change the group name, add or remove devices and or even delete the whole group by tapping the trash icon available on the given screen.

Source:- How to Get Started with Alexa Smart Home Groups

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