How to Transfer Files from a Computer to Nook Tablet

Nook tablet allows you to store and open files.  You can connect a Nook tablet your Windows or Mac computer and send files into it. PDFs, Microsoft Office documents and other text files are supported in Nook. You can store your business files and view them whenever you want. If the files are not in the right format then Nook will be unable to open them but it will store, it means you can use it as a flash drive also. Wallpapers, music, videos and any other types of file you can store in your Nook tablet storage. Here is what you’ve to do to transfer files from a Windows or Mac computer to your Nook tablet.

Prepare the files for your Nook tablet

If you have important files or documents in a computer and want to view or use it in your Nook tablet, then they are must be in the format supported by Nook. What if the files are in the wrong format? You can use various programs or utilities of your computer to convert the file into a compatible format.

•    To convert a document file format: You can use a Microsoft Office program, open the file and choose a file format from ‘Save As’ command.

•    To convert an image format: Just like documents, you can use a graphics program like Paint, Adobe Photoshop, Image editor, etc. to convert the file format of an image.

Once the files are prepared, now you’re ready to transfer and access them in your tablet.

How to transfer files from a computer to Nook tablet

•    Turn on your Windows or Mac computer.

•    Wait and allow it to get ready for use.

•    Now, start your Nook tablet.

•    Take the USB cable come with your Nook.

•    Insert the small side of the cable into your Nook’s USB port.

•    And, larger end in the USB port of your computer.

•    Now, wait for your computer to detect and read the connected tablet.

•    Click the screen prompt according to your need, and open the Nook drive.

Steps to send files into the storage of your Nook

The process of sending files into the Nook’s storage is the same as sending in a flash drive or microSD.

1.    Locate to the folder, where files are stored in your computer.

2.    Select the files and right click on it.

3.    Go to ‘Send to’ and select your Nook storage.

4.    Now, wait for the data to transfer completely.

5.    Eject your Nook properly from the computer.

Alternatively, open Nook’s storage in one window, file’s folder in one, and simply drag and drop the files to transfer.

Now, open and view your files in your Nook tablet.

Source:- How to Transfer Files from a Computer to Nook Tablet

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