How to Upload a High Definition Video to YouTube

Uploading a video on YouTube is simple. If you have a YouTube channel or just want to share your video on YouTube, you must need to know the type of content, video resolution, and size allowed and prohibited on the YouTube. Here you’ll find out how to create a video in HD resolution to upload on YouTube.

How to create an HD video for YouTube

1.    Recording a Video: If you want your video to display properly on YouTube then make sure it is in square pixel aspect ratio. These are the following resolutions you can use to record an HD video:

•    720p(1280×720)

•    1080p(1920×1080)

•    1440p(2560×1440)

•    2160p(3840×2160)

2.    Video length & Size: For unverified account, maximum video duration limit is 15 minutes with a 20GB of maximum size. Verified account users can upload a video of 128 GB maximum size with around 12 hrs duration.

3.    Frame rate: The video you want to upload on YouTube should be in the same frame rate as it was recorded. You can check more details about frame rate on YouTube help.

4.    Video format: WMV, MP4, AVI, FLV, MOV, HEVC, ProRes, DNxHD, CineForm, and other popular formats are supported on YouTube. So, save the video in the compatible format.

How to Upload a High Definition Video to YouTube

1.    Use a web browser.

2.    Enter ‘’ in the URL field.

3.    Press ‘Enter’ to go.

4.    If you aren’t logged in to YouTube, go to the login section.

5.    Enter your account details and log in.

6.    After signing in return to the main screen.

7.    Now, click on ‘New Video’ icon. A video camera icon with ‘+’ sign inside it near the upper right corner.

8.    Select ‘Upload Video’ from the menu.

9.    Click on ‘Select files to upload’ icon.

10.    The file browser window will prompt on the screen.

11.    Navigate to video folder and select the video you want to upload.

12.    Click ‘Open.’

13.    Wait, your video is uploading to YouTube.

14.    While the video is uploading, type a title for the video.

15.    Enter description and tags.

16.    Click the ‘Privacy dropdown box’ next to the title field.

17.    Choose a privacy option for your video, public, private, unlisted, or scheduled.

18.    When uploading is done, you’ll see an option to set a thumbnail for the video.

19.    Click on ‘Set thumbnail’ option and select one for your video.

20.    Click the ‘Quality dropdown’ to change the video resolution.

21.    Click ‘Done/Publish’ button to upload the video on YouTube.

Your HD video is published on YouTube.

How to Upload a High Definition Video to YouTubeSource:- How to Upload a High Definition Video to YouTube

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