Top 7 Android Auto Apps for Driving

Android Auto is helpful for motorists in various ways. It allows them to easily access phone calls, messages, and even the weather. Other than this, you can easily access plenty of audio content, ask Google anything you want, and navigate around as well. If you have an Android device, you need to connect the phone with the use of USB and set it up in your car to use. Several Android Auto apps are there for you to make your driving experience better than ever.

Top 7 Android Auto Apps for Driving

These are the best Android Auto apps for Android:

1. iHeartRadio

Stream any radio stations from all around the world with iHeartRadio. It boasts plenty of live as well as curated artist streams along with lyrics of songs as well. You can not rewind the live audio playing on the radio with the free version though, but it is possible with a paid subscription. Even you can skip tracks in the paid version. Get the iHeartRadio app from the Google Play store.

2. Audible

 If you love audiobooks and like to listen to them on the move, the Audible app is the perfect solution for you. It consists of an extensive collection of audiobooks for listening. You can both drive and enjoy your favorite audiobook at the same time through this app. Audible allows users to listen to various newspapers and magazines as well. You will have to pay a dedicated amount after 30 days to use it ideally.

3. WhatsApp

When it comes to a messaging app, WhatsApp is one of the most popular and best apps. It doesn’t demand email registration and lets you send texts to others with ease. This app uses your phone’s internet connection or Wi-Fi to work. You get the option to enjoy voice call and voice-to-text messages without using your hands with WhatsApp. Though, you can call another WhatsApp user only through this app.

4. Spotify

Spotify boasts an extensive library of songs and offers an offline mode. It is free for Android users and lets you play both modern and old songs. You can even create your playlist to listen while driving. If you wish to find a specific song or an artist, go to the search bar and type in to get relevant results. However, you need to get the premium version for listening to songs offline and without ads.

5. Waze

Around a hundred million users already use Waze. It provides you the best traffic accuracy as well as the shortest route possible from one place to another. This free app in one of the best navigations apps available on Google Play. It is almost the same as Google apps, but you are destined to get better traffic details in this app. You can choose either of them and enjoy your ride.

6. OverDrive

OverDrive is another excellent alternative for listening audiobooks on the go. It also has a vast digital collection of audiobooks and is easy to use. This app is an ideal solution if you don’t want to use Audible for any reason.

7. Pandora

Pandora is also a great music streaming app that offers good songs according to your listening session. Even, this app allows you to create a playlist of your songs for others. If you don’t wish to listen to commercials while listening to music, you can get the premium version or continue with the free one. 

Hence, these are the best Android Auto apps for you. Use them in your car for the best driving experience. All of these apps are easily downloadable from the Google Play Store!


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