How to Play Blu-ray Discs on Windows 10

It is not much hard to play DVDs on Windows 10 PC but accessing Blu-ray discs is not the same. You need to have an ideal software that will help you to access content from 4K Blu-ray discs. If you wish to have the perfect software for this specific purpose, you can choose the Cyberlink PowerDVD 18.

Converting Blu-ray discs to digital

The process to convert  Blu-ray discs to digital is a time-consuming process. You might make several mistakes while working on the process too. Two software programs are destined to make things easier for you. They are Handbrake and MakeMKV, which come free for users. These software programs are considered a few of the best DVD Cloning software. 

If you are wondering how the software programs are utilized in the process, basically, MakeMKV is used for pulling Blu-ray content, and Handbrake helps to compress the files. You can choose to avoid Handbrake if you have plenty of storage space as the size of each file from a Blu-ray will be very high. Hence, it is better to consider Handbrake for reducing the file size and use it.

Watching Blu-ray discs on Windows 10 PC

It is possible to view the discs without even converting them as a digital file. Here, you need to have the VLC video player for playing your Blu-ray discs properly. But it can’t be done directly; you will have to follow some changes as well. If you are already a VLC user, it is like a cherry on the cake for you.

Another great free application is the Leawo Blu-ray player. It comes as an ideal Blu-ray player that supports DVDs and lets you access content from them quickly.  Though, as you are not paying for the features, everything inside this app is basic for users. Still, it helps you to get the task done.

If you are not satisfied with the mentioned apps and desire a feature-filled app, you can find plenty of other apps available in the market. One of the best possible options is Cyberlink’s PowerDVD. Its latest version supports high frame rate playback, 3D Blu-ray along with regular discs, casting as well as UHD Blu-ray. PowerDVD is capable of playing ISO files from DVDs or Blu-rays also. It can fetch YouTube and Vimeo videos too and is very beneficial for you.

So, this is how you can play Blu-ray discs directly on Windows 10.

Source:- How to Play Blu-ray Discs on Windows 10

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